Philips Multigroom Pro Kit Review

Philips Multigroom Pro Kit review

The Philips Multigroom Pro Kit is a great electric razor so far, but you should know a few things before buying one. In my Philips Multigroom Pro Kit review, I tell you the pros and cons of purchasing one after reading many online reviews and buying a Philips Multigroom Pro Kit electric razor myself.

My Philips Multigroom Pro Kit review:

To start off, I at least found a great Philips Multigroom Pro Kit deal here, which was by far one of the cheapest places online to buy it.

I had to replace the braun cruzer 6 beard & head saw that I had broken one of the two plastic combs and my choice fell on this model. given the fairly positive reviews, I decided to try this model, whereas I was not very satisfied with the cruzer. I personally think that the best philips braun, the cut is much more accurate and requires less steps (especially for cutting hair). the size of the blade for cutting is a little lower on this model philips but it seems to me that the cut is much more precise and clean that the model of the braun. not to mention that the blade does not accumulate a large amount of hair / hair as it does on the cruzer (where you have to clean up under the blade often, especially after shaving of the hair).

for now I have only used the head for cutting hair / beard (with its dedicated combs) and head to the hairs of the nose / ears and I was satisfied. the other accessories do not use them so I can not judge them. maintenance is fast and easy, as well as charging. the accessory plastic is not the best, the various combs and heads are not stuck very well and often tend to get out of their housing but using the clear plastic cover that comes in the sales package are still unable to keep everything in its place.

I was expecting a better article. the razor is not the massimo.e not the other combs are best. a razor for hair all in all is that it costs so little

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