Canon EF-S Lens Review

Canon EF-S Lens review

The Canon EF-S Lens is a great camera so far, but you should know a few things before buying one. In my Canon EF-S Lens review, I tell you the pros and cons of purchasing one after reading many online reviews and buying a Canon EF-S Lens camera myself.

My Canon EF-S Lens review:

To start off, I at least found a great Canon EF-S Lens deal here, which was by far one of the cheapest places online to buy it.

The quality is what you can expect from an objective in its price class. in the optical layer is remarkable sharpness at short focal lengths while the 250mm sharpness drops noticeably from the center. also at the maximum focal length you notice any obvious chromatic aberrations. very reduced, for the type of the lens, the distortion. as for the build quality of the plastic rule, even for the attack, in return, the result is a lightness unusual appreciated when you bring it on the go. the mechanical design means that with the maximum zoom the lens will stretch almost double, while the outer lens wheel, also focheggiando, making problematic the use of a polarizing filter. but when the zoom is floor space is extremely limited facilitating insertion into the bag. there are no excessive play and the movement is acceptably fluid. the focus ring is not as in the microscopic 18-55mm, but lack the indicators of distance and if it rotates in af mode there is a risk of danneggare the autofocus mechanism. in decent light conditions the focus is a bit ‘ noisy, but fast.

honestly keeps what it promises. the focus is the weak point, and also a little bit the sharpness. given the price, there are two minus acceptable for general use. I was really amazed by the ghiesa of manual focus, fully usable, shame about the front lens rotates when zooming : use a polarizing filter and a little frustrating …

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