Canon Powershot A3400 Reviews

I read many canon powershot a3400 reviews before purchasing mine. You should know a few things about the digital camera before buying one. For instance, the viewport is great.

I needed a camera and I decided to look for some Amazon on offer (found here). I noticed this little gem and black 16MP 5x Zoom and I immediately decided not to pass up this fantastic opportunity, since I got as much as 41.3% discount!.

I ordered on March 2 and arrived this afternoon, March 5. I immediately opened the package that contains inside the lithium battery with the charger, the camera, the tether to hold the camera securely, paper manuals, CD with manuals and troubleshooting, etc..

After charging the battery I immediately tried the camera and makes great pictures. The zoom is 5x, but can reach up to 20x the pear image quality suffers and is recommended only over long distances. The touch screen works very well and the settings are easy to find and apply. The thing that I love about this camera is that the PC recognizes it as a USB drive and then to download the photos you immediately and you do not need software.

In the end I highly recommend the purchase because, as the title suggests, is stylish, compact and practical. A real bargain!

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