Canon Powershot SX500 Review

Canon Powershot SX500 review

The Canon Powershot SX500 is a great camera so far, but you should know a few things before buying one. In my Canon Powershot SX500 review, I tell you the pros and cons of purchasing one after reading many online reviews and buying a Canon Powershot SX500 camera myself.

My Canon Powershot SX500 review:

To start off, I at least found a great Canon Powershot SX500 deal here, which was by far one of the cheapest places online to buy it.

Then in a few feral words, I was amazed at the pictures in the dark, is not bulky, great zoom ( 30x on the most beautiful thing, the camera), it is to use it in automatic or otherwise you already know a bit of ” snapshot” or c ‘ is to read the manual, then load the first day and after 2 hours the battery is already low, the only thing I did not have delivered on select days and no one has contacted me : ( ….. the rest are happy with this bridge.

this camera offers a great compromise between size and performance. ‘s body is very compact and light weight make this camera great for portability. the camera provides all the features possible for a digital, from neofila with auto mode until you get to an expert with the manual mode. excellent picture quality, even in low light. 30x zoom allows you to capture every detail.

for those who have a dslr canon, will be easy to use, the manual functions there are, but it is a machine designed to be used in manual mode. from its best with programs already preset. zoom fast, good focus, noise bearable, good pictures even when light conditions are not optimal. definitely buy the pen again.

is fantastic, I do not know how to describe it diversamente.pratica for use in automatic fast and versatile for the huge possibilities of interaction with the click from the automatic to fully manual passing through a flood of opzioni.foto always up to the quality request

ordered tuesday afternoon, arrived friday flawless delivery.

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