Canon Rebel DSLR Reviews

Perhaps the best SLR to venture into the world of photography in the mirror, I was satisfied but I do have just a couple of criticisms in my canon rebel dslr review:

  1. It lacks a built-in HDR function (you have to set it manually and then compose the shot in post production).
  2. The kit lens, although it’s expected, it’s really low quality.
  3. No protective film for the screen, must be purchased separately
  4. should be included in a kit (even small) SD card

I would then report to the owners of Android smartphone that support usb host that it is possible, by means of applications in the app store, check the camera via USB and have their controls shutter speed and Live View preview directly on your phone. This makes it almost useless to the purchase of her older sister 650D with the touchscreen, it being replaced by that of the phone.

I found a great deal on my canon rebel camera here. It’s worth checking the price out at least.

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