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I am writing this canon rebel review about 8 months after purchase and a few thousand clicks. I bought the 600D as my first SLR camera. I had initially focused on the 1100D but then I preferred to invest a little more in order to have a more exploitable. 

The machine is perfect for ergonomics. And ‘perfect for a beginner like me. I started reading some photography course and taking initially with automatic settings that help a lot to understand what are the correct values ​​to be set (opening times, white balance, etc.). Now I switched to manual settings (TV, AV) and the car takes me faithful in every situation. 

I believe that the advantage of this machine is the image quality in diverse situations and the great versatility. Easy to set up, accurate autofocus, burst discreet, beautiful photos. Very interesting is the control you can have on the exposure mode and the selection of autofocus points. It ‘nice in some situations also use the manual focus. 

Video I use it very little but has an exceptional quality. 

Liveview also can be useful even if I use it very little. In fact it must be said that in setting liveview autofocus is a bit slow. 

The only real limitation of this machine is the lens kit. Not that it’s bad, but after a while, we realize that we can not exploit the full potential of the machine, in fact I’m thinking of a brighter lens (like the Tamron 17-50) and a zoom lens (like the 70-200 L f4 .) 
Another point of merit are the bundled software canon. You can organize photos and sw DPP allows you to do post production in a fast and effective (exposure adjustment, white balance, contrast, crop, red eye, etc.). Much faster than Lightroom that I use only for work up. I highly recommend to do some shooting in RAW and experience how you can improve your photos in post-production. Amazon perfect price 35% lower than many other stores, I also allowed the rethinking on the 1100D (which I had already ordered before they had bet on the 600D ).

I found a great deal on my canon rebel camera here.

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