Sony DSC-HX300 Review

Sony DSC-HX300 review

The Sony DSC-HX300 is a great camera so far, but you should know a few things before buying one. In my Sony DSC-HX300 review, I tell you the pros and cons of purchasing one after reading many online reviews and buying a Sony DSC-HX300 camera myself.

My Sony DSC-HX300 review:

To start off, I at least found a great Sony DSC-HX300 deal here, which was by far one of the cheapest places online to buy it.

I purchased it for the 50x zoom, but a camera is outstanding in every respect. pictures taken with the 50x zoom equivalent to a 1200mm of an slr ( and not cheap ) are sharp and clear, it is recommended a tripod of course, a very fast and very accurate focus, ability to change the times, the aperture the sensitivity from 80 to 12500 iso, focus manually or automatically, zoom adjustable from the shutter button or with the lens ring, and satisfying a large number of preset programs depending on the situation, effects on the photos, I was impressed by the pictures in black and white with hdr!

the sony dsc- hx300 can satisfy almost all needs of a common amateur photographer. at a reasonable cost offers the availability of a kit unimaginable only a few years ago, with focal lengths from 24 to 1200mm. all in one lens. and in addition the possibility of macro picture and movies. comfortable, agile and easy to handle. picture quality beyond reproach. it does not support the raw format but it is a shortcoming that leaves no one indifferent users of a tool like that. of course, the viewfinder is amazing. and recharge the battery involves connecting the device to the mains. seller

recommended for punctuality and perfection. the purchase of the product is done for the convenience of easy money and traceability of accessories.

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