Casio Sport Pro Trek Review

Casio Sport Pro Trek review

The Casio Sport Pro Trek is a great watch so far, but you should know a few things before buying one. In my Casio Sport Pro Trek review, I tell you the pros and cons of purchasing one after reading many online reviews and buying a Casio Sport Pro Trek watch myself.

My Casio Sport Pro Trek review:

To start off, I at least found a great Casio Sport Pro Trek deal here, which was by far one of the cheapest places online to buy it.

I state that i own this watch for a little over a week, but i still want to share with you my impressions. the case and band are well presented, giving impression of strength, they have small nn excessive. the dial is well done and has a good overall visibility only flaw is the barometric trend graph, which turns out to be a bit underpowered. the functions of the watch are several, convenient countdown with sound alerts and customizable, the time is always accurate to the second being radio controlled the sincronozzazione takes place every day, usually at night, i checked every day for a week and in different places, has always had success. moon phases and tides correspond to the 5 programmable alarms are comfortable, but better to use them only to remind us of something in the day, a speaker is powerful and there is just. the trek functions are not very accurate, and should immediately be set, compass belonging, every time you need to use, unfortunately the altimeter is affected by the ambient temperature. the thermometer is less sensitive and must be calibrated for the first time to correct the error in body temperature, then the standard deviation of secondhand d be more than a couple of degrees. overall a great watch, but not for commercial use. i at the moment i am satisfied with the purchase, considering the price that is lower by eighty euro, and i will not have to worry about replacing the battery pack : d. i hope it was useful regards

perfect watch beautiful and functional at 100 by 100.


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